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Posted by / 23-Jan-2020 09:58

I remember watching videos of guilds performing the chaotic criss-cross "expand and collapse" maneuver that was needed to mitigate the debuff.

Casters detonated by Kel'Thuzad struck each other with the ferocity of a light breeze on a warm summer day. Our off-tanks picked them up with a leisurely "don't mind me, just checking my email"-level of urgency.

On top of all this, Kel'Thuzad sent two crypt lords after us, forcing us to off-tank, getting our players out of harm's way.

Written out here in plain English, it seems like Kel'thuzad was a lot to digest. DPS blew up the waves of undead minions like pinatas at a child's party.

Some might say the original Razuvious was a test of a true raider in Wo W.

I know you've healed for for the past year and a half, but tonight, you're going to be tanking.

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Instead of the mind-boggling weeks and weeks of attempts that only the very best guilds in the world defeated the original Four Horsemen within, our execution took but a single pull.

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