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Who is nelly carreno dating

"It's great to have your career take off and have those blessings, but if you don't have that time, when you give and give, you crash," she said.

"I need to stay mentally, emotionally and physically well for my daughter." Furtado said touring "became really tiring" and she "just craved to be home." When asked to recall that tumultuous period in her past, the singer said she sometimes longed to reclaim her pre-fame lifestyle. She also took some time "working at my daughter's school library sorting books." It was this string of odd jobs and hobbies that actually helped her life come full circle. "I didn't wanna be surrounded by bulls**t anymore; I want to demand truth from the people around me and from myself.

like mom always said its not how many times u can do it ...

Well this is where i dont say much if i had a idea what i wanted id be married and happy lol.....i want to be respected, treated like a women should be.

I actually cried my way through the first two songs," she told the Living in the digital age means there are a slew of social media platforms that many celebrities use to stay connected with their fans.

Furtado prefers a more old-school approach to superstardom, but she begrudgingly left the Stone Age behind with some help from her ex-husband's much younger brothers. Furtado now has an Instagram account, too, but if it were left up to her, she's probably cleanup her online footprint and completely fade into obscurity for longer periods of time.

The intent is to trick potential dates into falling for their “inner beauty,” but all this ruse really reveals about someone is that he’s a liar.

Furtado sings on the chorus: "If you see us in the club, we'll be acting real nice / If you see us on the floor, you'll be watchin' all night." Sounds pretty harmless, right? 1 spot on the Hot 100 in April 2007, but despite the track's success, Furtado has made it no secret that she regrets the project.Here's the real reason you don't hear from her anymore. Being so young meant Furtado had to grow up quickly to shoulder the many responsibilities pertaining to her career, and things got even trickier when she gave birth to her daughter, Nevis, split from her baby daddy, and decided to embark on her 2007 tour as a single mom.The pressures of being in the limelight eventually caught up to Furtado. I was on the "Loose" tour and my daughter was with me -– I was being a mum and a singer on the road. Then one night I went on stage and I suddenly realized how stressed-out I was." Although she appeared to be optimistic about her solo status, Furtado admitted that the breakdown of her marriage was followed by hard times.Before going their separate ways in the summer of 2016, the singer said she went through "an emotionally difficult time" and found solace in writing songs.

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In a separate interview with the broadcast, Furtado shocked her fans when she revealed, "I am single now …

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