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Either in business or in politics, the impact of these people are huge. When you want to express your thoughts, you do it in a very clear manner regardless of who will get hit. Instead of crying over your problems, you stand up and find or create solutions. It is easy for most people to quit when they face challenges. Everything that they touch will turn into something. And they make sure that they are the first one to follow those rules. This is a good sign that you have an intimidatingmake up.Because of this, you are quite choosy about who you let into your inner circle.You haven’t got the time or energy to waste on people who just want you to agree with them all the time.Rather than try to keep everybody else on side, you aren’t afraid to ruffle a few feathers if it means being your real self.You have the ultimate belief in yourself and you don’t ever feel the need to go out of your way to please or impress others.Yes, you weigh up the options carefully, but you don’t get bogged down so much that you suffer from paralysis by analysis.You trust your mind and you trust your instinct to make the correct decisions and find it frustrating when others waste time deliberating.

Despite this, you are also very happy to listen to the points of view made by others and you don’t disparage them or come across as arrogant in any way.To you, the wisdom is in being bold and taking action rather than waiting for life or someone else to make the choice for you.You may use your instinct to guide you, but you do so thanks to a very rational approach to solving problems.Since you have your sights set firmly on particular successes in life, you like to set interim goals to propel you along your path at a rapid pace.You don’t amble along and hope that one day your dreams will become a reality, you know which steps you need to take and you focus on achieving these smaller, smarter goals in order to reach your desired destination.

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