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The ones that are worth your time and money, don’t have to resort to this method of getting your attention. The ones that are served up via a popup are more then likely to be spyware.

Or, at the very least, they are more then likely to have false-positives, not remove everything, or even install some spyware in order to remove it (making you think they are worth the money).

Without a firewall, from the outside, people will see “Open” and “Closed” ports.

The open ones are easy for them to get into your computer on, and the closed ones only mean that an application isn’t currently holding the door open. It will only show “Open” for the ports that it’s told to show.

If you don’t know what the program is, your best bet is to either use the “More Info” link (if provided by the firewall) or block once and then search for information about it.

As for Antispyware programs, you need at least one of these.

Likewise, if something from the outside tries to open a port, you’re prompted as well. Allow this time, Deny this time, Allow permanently (or “Don’t ask me again”) and Block Permanently (“Don’t ask me again”).

Your decision is based on whether it’s a program that you are currently using, or whether you know what the program is and why it is going online.

Like an antivirus, you shouldn’t have more then one of these installed on your computer at the same time.

That doesn’t mean they can’t force their way in through them though. It will show “Closed” for ports that are not currently active, but it’s told to allow traffic in on.

The rest of the ports will show “Blocked.” For the average user, they will probably have Port 80 open. It’s the port that ‘HTTP’ uses to bring pages to your browser.

So, this hiding of the ports is how the firewall acts like a ring of invisibility.

The firewall acts like a traffic cop, in that if an application tries to open a port, it prompts you for permission.

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