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Binding a macro can also be found on the 'Bind other' button.

You'll be given a new window with instructions and suggestions about writing your macros, but other than that the process should seem very similar.

Classic Server Running on WOTLK Client -level cup 60 -x1 rates -Classic races.

Clique is a simple addon that enables powerful click-casting and hover-casting on your unit frames and in the 3D game world.

This change should properly use the correct attribute until this bug has been fixed. commit 8ed0591ba84974d8ee66d175abaeeee10397894b Author: James Whitehead II Date: Tue Apr 12 2011 0100 Attempt to fix the dangling bindings issue If the player is over a frame that has key bindings active and that frame is hidden or obscured then those bindings will remain active until another Clique-enabled frame is moused over.

commit 638f3c7d64a2141592f07c4d6598c51cb57e27a4 Author: James Whitehead II Date: Thu Sep 6 2012 0200 Fix bindings for spells needing AOE targeting The 'stop casting fix' was being applied to global bindings in addition to hovercast bindings, which was breaking spells like Hurricane and Blizzard. commit 4dbc7afcc5d4ba8a0223315429d3b7ec75c4753d Author: James Whitehead II Date: Thu Sep 6 2012 0200 Don't apply wrong-spec bindings Previously, if you were in your primary spec and you had a spell that was bound to secondary spec only, the binding would still be active (although it would not do anything). This fix uses the attribute driver template to clear this dangling button when the player no longer has a 'mouseover' unit.

For example, if you'd like to set 'Regrowth' to activate on 'Shift-Left Button', then you just find that spell in your spellbook and then Shift-Left Click on it.

You can also bind keyboard combinations, so you could do the same with Shift-R if you'd like.

Simply choose a new key combination, and you will be able to target units and open your menu again.

Keep in mind when you are setting your bindings that they will override any bindings that are already set on the frame, for example the default bindings to 'Target unit' and 'Show unit menu'.

You can override these bindings if you would like, but you should then set a new different combination that will activate the original functions If you've rebound or lose these default bindings, you can re-bind them using the 'Bind other' button in the Clique configuration.

commit cf931200692882bb02214af5c91b9b9a9fc404fa Author: Jim Whitehead Date: Wed Jul 20 2016 0200 Auto-blacklist buttons without Register For Clicks The new nameplates inherit from the compact raid frame templates, but don't have all of the methods needed to work with click-casting, so for now we'll auto-blacklist all of those frames. You will be unable to use your '1' normal binding commit 690e0109e1d5dabd4d4d3b9f5bb1c3f56b8879e4 Author: James Whitehead II Date: Fri Jul 29 2011 0100 Enable mousewheel events as well as clicks This was previously only working on frames that registered using the Register Frame or Click Cast Frames mechanism.

commit adc80f270237d7f4ac575793b49e60cb59a1720f Author: Jim Whitehead Date: Tue Mar 19 2013 0100 Temporarily fix an issue with unit menus After 5.2 when Blizzard switched to 'togglemenu', there is a bug with the dropdown code that requires raid frames to continue using 'menu' instead in order to work properly. commit 30b30582ef66a91d30e1dcd4b793f9bf90f8f9dd Author: James Whitehead II Date: Fri May 20 2011 0100 Revert "Use 'secure' registration for Register Frame" This reverts commit 0fa3e7bde2be8b508e152999872878425cb612ec.

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