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Posted by / 28-Feb-2020 05:14

For more information on carrier settings updates, contact your carrier.

A month or two ago I rooted my LG G3 D855 on android 5.0.

I decided to try and update my phone from the LG PC Suite, I ran the update and the phone appeared to be doing something but then after a while stuck at 0% on the firmware update screen, LG PC Suite said "Cannot continue upgrading disconnect usb cable and battery and retry" So I did that and it still didn't work.

I then tried using restore upgrade errors and the same thing happened.

Be it a protection for your rooted phone or just some minor update which you do not really desire in your phone, or maybe it can be “No Data Pack”. Then here is an easy way to get rid of the software update notification.

If you don’t want to disable the OTA functionality then you can just follow the steps listed below to disable and hide the Android OS update notification from the notification panel.

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With Android phones, firmware updates also provide compatibility with newer apps from the Google Play store. The applications we list are are mostly official software downloads offered by the manufacturer of the mobile phone.