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Updating tezzeret

The new MTG update went live a few hours ago and includes 264 cards, as well as the chance to pick up free booster packs.Players can enter the Code “Play War Spark” to claim three War of the Spark booster packs, a nice little boost for everyone hyped for the next expansion.

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The two big "knocks" are that it's 5 mana and it takes 4 loyalty activations before you can ultimate.

Because of that, I think that keeps him from being Modern playable, but who knows.

EDIT: And yep, Tezzeret is pretty sweet, but it takes the same 5-drop slot as Teferi, so it may only be an option for decks not running white, or running a lot of artifacts.

To be honest, I'm less agitated by this upshift than I am with M14's Domestication upshift.

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In the end, it was our new buy-a-box promo Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge that came out on top, so we're heading to Modern today to see if a six-mana planeswalker that makes all of our other planeswalkers cheap (or even free) thanks to its affinity-granting static ability can compete in the format.

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