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Tulsa interacial dating

Gurley also built three brick apartment buildings as well as five detached homes, which he rented out to blacks.His crowning project was the Gurley Hotel on Greenwood Avenue, which was valued at ,000 and rivaled the best white hotels in Tulsa.

He was now thirty-five years old and saw an economic opportunity in Tulsa’s multiracial population boom.He used his wealth to help start a black Masonic lodge in Greenwood and an employment agency, and he contributed to efforts to push back against black voter suppression in the state.Gurley was made a sheriff’s deputy by the city of Tulsa and charged with policing the black population in Greenwood.OW and JB both became rich as the oil industry boomed on in Tulsa and hundreds of African Americans emigrated to Greenwood.In 1914, the local black newspaper, the Muskogee Scimitar, reported Gurley’s net worth to be as much as 0,000 (.6 million).

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Stradford was tall and sinewy, with a prominent square jaw and piercing black eyes.