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You may want to use a different template as the DC vs marvel template are known to have bugs and a not so good combo mechanic. I think it would be wise to work on the sprites a bit Ax keeper is pretty good with that.And than I suggest you get with someone who is pretty good with code. It really does not look good at all at its current state, You have a pretty good roster and people who are willing to help. But that is not good enough when making a full game.As for the most trouble, those wings are a pain and this character is really boring to sprite.First I tried separating the wings, but it looked strange.This data is then used to move the various players on-screen in a way that's consistent and synchronised for all players (including yourself).

This method may be (usually) fast enough for an online game made by a large company with a content delivery system distributed around the globe (different servers, etc.), and only those in a particular game instance on a specific (usually nearby) server need to see updates for that game , but I suspect it's not going to be quite so good for a project on Scratch, where each & every cloudvar change has to make it into the more centralised cloud server database so it can then be distributed to anyone around the globe who happens to be looking at that project If you give increased cloud data access to older accounts they won't risk them by making chat apps and that would be an extension of a system already in place.

I liked how the wings looked so I started to work with them without even knowing what character to do.

I tried out Hawkman, Hawkgirl and Angel initially, and a few days later, I finished the first test with this Hawkman stance which I now think is perfect. First he finished high in the poll for expected characters at Favorite Fiction, then Buyog was quoted as saying this WIP will be, "epic.” I was surprised as I thought the comments would be more like "not a big deal, urien with wings" or "hey, he is missing some colors" or "use more franksprites.” But I do not care about good or bad comments about sprite quality, because I know that I’m a lazy spriter.

Then I tried Kitty Pryde with a Cammy base, and Zatanna with Psylocke/Rogue, but I needed to look for sprites rips.

This is when I found Lavia sprites ripped by Kong at IMT.

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It is not so easy to find motions with the arm in an arcing movement in punch bases like this: I received two good comments at the Scruff Dragon Forum from kageuchi and Ch Ao Ss En Tr Y about move lists, and then merged those ideas to make his move list. Specials:-Bash move-Shoryuken move-crossbow move-some special throw-and maybe some sword or/and spear Hypers: -some hit, hold and fly-soldiers from Hawkmen police-Claw of Horus After learning more about DC, I decided to remove Atom from Green Arrow because he is more of a Hawkman sidekick instead.