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************************************************** If the links isn't clickable, please copy and paste the entire URL into your browser's address bar and press Enter.In 2006, Steve Irwin who was most popular as a crocodile hunter lost his life after he was attacked by a stingray that stabbed him many times.Meeting Steve became another thing that pulled her even closer to the wildlife.The first time Terri saw Steve Irwin was in 1991 when she was in Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park when she was on a holiday in Australia.Following his death, the zookeeper, conservationist and television personality left behind his wife, Terri Irwin and two kids.What was very well known about Steve and Terri was their happy and loving relationship, and this has got people asking if she has got love again since the passage of her husband.The Actors Equity Association awarded her the first award for helping contribute to the diversification of theater casting; in 1988, the award was named the Rosetta Le Noire Award.

The big question that many have been asking is whether Terri has come to marry any other person since losing her husband.

As a little girl, she came to love animals as her father always brought home injured animals which the family tended after.

This would go on to draw her into starting a rehabilitation center for animals.

More so, the two of them did not stray too far from what their parents had been involved in as they have been involved in different wildlife TV shows.

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Nonetheless, there is no truth to that as she has revealed that she has already had her happily ever after with Steve. According to her, although she believes that it is good for people that have lost loved ones to find love again, she is contented with what she had as well as her two kids.