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Software updating for palm treo 750

It is an adjustment to get used to typing on the bottom row or selecting alternate characters, but nothing that will not take a bit of time to get used to.

The 750 fits in the pocket easily, and is not nearly the bulge that the 650/700 models are.

The soft-touch paint kept the 750 from slipping in my (usually cold) hands.Clicking this switch to the off position gives a slight vibration to let you know that the smartphone is in silent mode.The stylus is located at the top read and is similar to the 680 stylus in feel.Then in the fall of 2006 Palm introduced the Treo 750v (‘v’ for Vodaphone) in Europe and most knew that it was a matter of time before the Palm and Windows Mobile formula would be spread to other parts of the world. The Palm Treo 750 was released on Cingular in January and for the most part has had a lukewarm reception.Whether it is because of the price, or similar feature set to the previous 700w and 700wx models, the 750 doesn’t seem to have garnered the press that the other Windows Mobile Treos have. The 750 on Cingular is a solid device with very few issues.

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Unlike the Treo 650, the charge cable cannot be plugged into the sync cable; though they can still be plugged in at the same time.