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Goudie, a 20-year-old former auto mechanic from tiny Burlington, Nfld. John's, Nfld., publishing houses are this fall slated to release competing biographies - one authorized, the other not - of Rex Goudie, last year's Canadian Idol runner-up.

Goudie, a 20-year-old former auto mechanic from tiny Burlington, Nfld., was catapulted to fame by the show, losing to 18-year-old Melissa O'Neil but nevertheless securing a record contract with Sony BMG.

Right afterward, she signed to a record deal with Sony BMG and released her debut single, "Alive," a mere three weeks later.The song would prove to be a major success, as it remained at number one on the Canadian Singles Chart for a seven-week run. O'Neil released her debut album, Melissa O'Neil, November 22, 2005.The album went on to be certified gold in Canada (50,000 copies shipped) and spawned two more singles, "Let It Go" and "Speechless." Unfortunately, the follow-up singles were unable to match the commercial success of "Alive." O'Neil has mentioned numerous times that she will be releasing a new album; however, its release date is still unknown. She covers "Concrete Angel" by Martina Mc Bride for the album Canadian Idol Season 3: High Notes and performs a duet with Canadian Idol runner-up Rex Goudie on his debut album, Under the Lights.Edit Melissa is an actress, known for her role in the television show as Two/Portia Lin on Dark Matter in 2015 .Prior to her experience, she had worked at a daycare centre, and had also been involved in local musical theatre productions.

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