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” “It’s not whom we marry that we should be afraid of; it’s who am I?

” He taught that the purpose of dating is about becoming a better me.

Ask myself how I will be respectful when differences come between us. It’s how you deal with the differences.” He shared a story about the Chofetz Chaim, whose mother was a widow and she remarried.

In those days, a widow had to marry someone who was not necessarily the same caliber as she was.

He shared, “You can’t know the future.” He agreed that ten out of ten on both sides doesn’t guarantee a happy marriage.

Circumstances change and what you are looking for may change.

He suggested some ways to engage the date in conversation and to build a rapport in relationship. It means sincere interest in the other person.” Find out what they enjoy most about life. He advised that we are here to fix ourselves, and we should invest ourselves in every date, even if we are not marrying this person. He shared some practical things to think about before going on a date.

he was a judge in the supreme court in stockholm and of course a jew.

She built a successful business and demonstrated the quality of resilience despite her difficult childhood.

When you are in touch with what your wife is feeling and thinking and rediscover how to appreciate her, you will be building emotional intimacy which is the foundation of an emotionally intelligent marriage.

Week 3: Like Yourself and Stay Married The main barrier to a successful marriage is NOT the fact that spouses annoy each other.

He came from a liberal home but I came from an orthodox so I told him before we got married I would only marry him if our home was kosher otherwise I wouldn´t have married h im at all.

By joining this 6-part series today, you will gain the tools to: – Become the “superhero” you want them to see you as – Bring the fun back to your marriage (like it was before the kids were born) – Put forth your opinions in a way that will ensure that you are heard and accepted – Create your legacy by becoming a stronger leader and mentor to your children – Build a stronger foundation of respect in your marriage and family – Reclaim your much needed downtime without having any guilt thrown your way Week 1: The Art of Emotional Support We husbands get the job done, are logical and are good providers.

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Rabbi Rietti suggested that you ask yourself guided questions before you start to date, such as: I wonder what I will learn about myself during this date? He emphasized the idea that you can’t change another person.

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