Questions to ask a guy at speed dating

Posted by / 12-Dec-2019 16:15

Questions to ask a guy at speed dating

Everyone had some embarrassing events that they prefer to keep hidden.

If he does tell you, you can determine what is his threshold of embarrassing.

So which are the best speed dating questions you should make sure to include on your list to ensure that you won’t just be wasting your time?

You might think that this one of the boring speed dating questions.

How would you describe me to someone who doesn’t know me?

If you want to make sure that you will have a good time together, you should make sure that you choose a clapper.

However, you should know that this is the best introduction.

Most probably you would like to know whether he’s a successful businessman or a janitor at the local high school.

Those who don’t clap miss out on all the fun and they are also judgmental, so you shouldn’t expect anything good from their part. As one of the speed dating tips, you should find out whether he has a good reputation or bad reputation.

If he says that you’d prefer not to have known anything, he’s either horribly honest or he is a really bad choice for you.

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If he said that you wouldn’t find much, it means that he prefers to keep his private life private.