Psychology of texting dating

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Psychology of texting dating

For example, what do you believe right now about love?Do you believe you have no control over it, or that love is a matter of fate?Don’t get me wrong, looking your best is always gonna help to get a guy’s attention and if you’ve got a great, fun-loving attitude then he’ll likely enjoy your company too.However, the key to getting a man to fall in love with you comes down to two things.Of course, there is no 100% guarantee of creating feelings of love towards you in every person.However, you will be able to dramatically improve your chances of doing so. Before learning how to make someone fall in love with you, you need to examine the psychology of love.

Since our love map is created subconsciously, we may not understand exactly why we fall in love with the person we do.

Making a guy fall in love with you is not done through magic potions or chanting sessions under the moon.

You may not realize it, but you, along with everyone else, has a hidden checklist in your mind.

Since your subconscious grabs onto that person specifically, you often find it challenging to let go of that love even years later.

Below are a series of methods, tried and tested, that can make a guy fall in love with you. The list has our basic expectations for the person we meet as a love interest.

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However, there has been extensive research done that proves otherwise.