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Although we can set it to update "this page" every 3 to 4 seconds, we usually set it to update about every 45 seconds to save on bandwidth.

When new weather data is received it updates the data on the above weather panel.

Placerville Location & Forecast Information: This weather station is located at 1,703 ft, about about 2 miles from highway 50 and El Dorado Rd.

We have been providing Placerville, CA with live online weather data since June of 2006.

You can always see where the sun and moon are located in the world in 'degrees' by referring to "Sun El" & "Moon EL" (EL refers to elevation) data as it relates to our local position in the world.The clogging up is worse in the spring with the oak flowers/pollen than in the fall.So if you see the rainfall totals unexpectedly jump up, then it was most likely due to our manual rainfall adjustment.During the fall & early spring when the oak tree leaves fly in the fall or oak flowers in the spring, the main rain guage for our Davis VP Pro Weather Station can get plugged up with leaves, pollen & debris.We then carefully measure the rain in our backup gauges and adjust the rainfall totals accordingly.

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You can visually see newly updated data on the weather panel when it briefly flashes the data in green for about two seconds and then returns back to normal with the updated value. The time of day and or date will independently flash green whenever there is a data update with the new time and date of the latest updated values.

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