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Paige parker dating tips

A lot of people think of postpartum depression as something that exclusively affects the person who gives birth, but it can affect their partners as well.

Adam opened up about his struggles with depression after Danielle had the quints.

Before she was pregnant with the quints, Danielle felt like she was in great shape, but carrying five babies — not to mention eating 4,500 calories a day — took a toll on her body.

Since she doesn't have much time to get to the gym or take exercise classes, Danielle said that she got back into shape by working out at home.

"I had not one craving ever because I worked with a dietitian and I was able to eat pretty much whatever I wanted to just fill up that allowance —especially ice cream shakes! Having quints can be dangerous, and the babies don't always survive.

Babies in multiple birth pregnancies are born smaller, and doctors have to take extra precautions after birth to ensure their survival.

"Instilling confidence in her and truly showing her how her future husband, her future boyfriend, should treat her — and teaching her not to accept anything less than that.

Danielle later wrote on the family's blog, Fortunately, Danielle decided to give Adam a second chance.

After two and a half years of dating, Adam surprised her with a proposal and they were married six months later.

It just goes to show that even the sweetest love stories can have humble beginnings.

Soon, people were clamoring to know more about the family, and they landed their own reality show, Anyone would have a hard time taking care of so many babies at once, but the Busbys somehow make it look simple.

How do they manage to take care of so many girls, and how does Adam feel about being the only male in the house?

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They worked together for months before Adam worked up the courage to talk to Danielle, but it wasn't quite love at first sight.

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