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Posted by / 25-Oct-2019 06:07

Online dating women are picky

One of the main reasons why guys accuse women of being so picky when it comes to dating, sex and relationships, is that most guys aren’t as selective as women.

If she looks good, most guys will bang her simply based on her appearance alone. So, although most men would be happy to put up with a woman who is shy, insecure, not very intelligent, etc., as long as she’s attractive, most women don’t take the same approach to sex, dating and relationships.

You can pick up some of those women if you’re skilled at attracting women, but if you’re just starting out with pick up, you should stick to picking up normal, beautiful women.

Normal, beautiful women are the pretty women who work in clothing stores, the make up section at a department store, the girl next door, the hot girl at a normal bar or nightclub and the hot girl at yoga or dance class.

Beautiful women are everywhere, but most guys are too afraid to even talk to them because they can’t handle the confidence tests that beautiful women use on men.

When you are the rare guy who can remain relaxed and confident and just be normal as you talk to a beautiful woman, you will see that she drops her guard and opens up to giving you her number, kissing you, meeting up for a date or having sex with you that day or night.

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