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Objectdatasource onupdating event

This was occuring even though I had placed Old Values Parameter Format String="original_" or Old Values Parameter Format String="" within the Grid View's attributes.

Ok, So I was able to resolve this issue by going into the On Updating event in the Object Data Source and doing the following below.

The Eval method is read-only -- it pulls the data from the DB and prints it to the HTML output.

To get data out of your Edit Item Template and make it part of the Update operation, you have to do this: The Bind method is 2-way: when reading from the database, it acts just like Eval.

Currently, Role ID and Employee ID are the only update parameters showing up during the Updating event because they are the only ones you have specified Bind for instead of Eval.My normal thing to do would be on the datasource inserted, but this datasource is nested, so I can't use it. I can set all other attributes or even create new ones using this Tag object but it does'nt work for the style attribute at all. If I can't set the style attribute in my custom contr...How to databind object datasource to textbox without formview I've looked all over for an answer to my question, but I can't seem to get what I'm looking for. Form View and Object Data Source Order of Events Greetings All, I have a formview that is using an objectdatasource with paging and is acting oddly.While I'm very happy for anything to be working after so much time, I still feel like this is a bad hack for this to work.I have a hard time fathoming why this seemingly simple use of the Grid View on my part has turned out to be very complicated.

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This effectively removes the additional parameters from being added. There doesn't appear to be any values actually being passed into this method. Can anyone explain to me why my values are not being carried forward?