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Read Also: Alan Jackson Age, Daughters, Wife, Family, Net Worth, Height Amid a blooming career, alcoholism was the cankerworm that ate deep into Keith’s success story and eventually stripped him of his heydays.He began indulging in the vice during his days of doing bluegrass gigs – way before he came of drinking age.

She would hide all alcoholic drinks in the house and even tie his leg to hers while they sleep at night, just to be sure he doesn’t sneak out for a nightcap.

From the awesome to the good and the ugly – here’s a recap of the life that Keith Whitley led and how his productive life was cut short in his prime.

On July 1, 1955, a talented child was born and named Jackie Keith Whitley by his parents Faye and Elmer Whitley.

Keith had three siblings as mentioned earlier but his brother Randy was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1983, long before Keith and their father tagged along.

In 1986, Keith married upcoming country musician Lorrie Morgan during his album tour.

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He began his career in 1970 in Ralph Stanley’s band and later relocated to Nashville, Tennessee where he started recording in 1983. Another single – in collaboration with other artists including his widow, released after his death, scooped the CMA award for Best Vocal Collaboration in 1990 and got a Grammy nomination for Best Country Vocal Collaboration.