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Kenyan weekend dating magazines

While many of his peers spent after school time practicing sports, DéVon chased a different path.

He spent his time working with his grandfather’s auto body business, learning how to use his hands, and weekends taking STEM workshops.

DéVon’s diverse skillset and experiences earned him a full academic scholarship to Seton Hall University where he earned a BA in Communication and the Arts.

Through a network of creative forces in downtown New York, he held creative positions at Milk Studios.Iris Barbee Bonner was born and nurtured in Philadelphia.As a soft-spoken and shy child, by age 5 had begun to express herself through art.After her pursuit of higher learning at Arcadia University where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with a major in Graphic Design, Iris found her voice as an artist.Finding comfort in her gift Iris has used her passion for art and desire to illustrate her feminine wilds as the inspiration for her brand These Pink Lips.

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In 2018 Bellamy moved to Los Angeles to work as a creative director for various artists at major labels.