Jonathan rhys meyers dating

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Jonathan rhys meyers dating

Reena is the daughter of cosmetics magnet Ruby Hammer of Ruby & Millie.Ruby Hammer is so beautiful and youthful that I think she looks more like Reena’s sister. In the quote below the boyfriend she mentions, who said he would have dated her mum, is probably Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Just in case you were wondering, Reena’s mum Ruby is Bangladeshi and her dad is Polish millionaire George Hammer.

But I would never, ever go under the surgeon’s knife, because I think it alters people’s faces.

Sometimes I think people must need glasses to think I’m in my 20s.

But I have always had a good skincare routine and looked after my figure, and I’ve never smoked which I’m sure has had a hand in my skin looking good.

His first movie as an actor was A Man of No Importance (1994) in which he played the role of .

His first TV appearance was in the BBC series Gormenghast in 2000 where he played the role as Steerpike in all the 4 episodes.

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