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His reply to the pizza delivery worker was, "Well, will it help any if I'm the *winner* of that race? Reached a settlement that guarantees his now-former wife, Jennifer Brooke Sealy, at least .3 million.Sealy filed for divorce on 17 March 2002 after seven years of marriage, citing marital discord.His picture for 2004's Chase for the Nextel Cup was shown to the first lady (Stockard Channing) as one of the reasons women love NASCAR.The night after winning the first-ever Brickyard 400 in Indianapolis in 1994, he called a pizza delivery place from his hotel room and was told it would be an hour or two before he got his food because of the race. Mc Leod is the former South Carolina gubernatorial candidate. Jennifer Brooke Sealey got married to Mullins Mc Leod in 2010.

Brookes and Jeffs divorce in 2003 became an actual sting for the tabloids around the States.Dixon's attorney wrote a letter during the custody dispute: It is absolutely inappropriate for the child to be legally named after Jeff Gordon who is neither the father nor a blood relative. Gordon's desired to keep her ex-husband's last name, which is certinly her choice.But she planned to have a child with James Dixon, not Jeff Gordon.At that time, Gordon was a rising star whereas Sealey was Miss Winston and a model.Gordon and Sealey started dating secretly shortly after the meeting since the model was not allowed to date any racers.

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Jeff Gordon and Jennifer Brooke Sealey were once the most adorable NASCAR's lovebirds. Jeff Gordon overcome her love of eight years and found someone new? However, the former Miss Winston and Mc Leod didn't make any public appearance after 2010.

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