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A list of all supported formats will appear and will specify if the format is read only own WCS format, however).

For the example below the Landsat 7 15m resolution mosaic is in a Enhanced Compressed Wavelets format (ECW).

The utilities repository contains code that tiles large satellite images into smaller chips that are consumable by computer vision or machine learning frameworks.

The utilities package also contains an evaluation metric for building polygon detection.

The script assumes that gdaltindex has already been run in this directory to create a tile index shape and dbf file.It assumes that the filenames of your data files have the date in the filename, for example myfile If have used the perl script then skip to the layer definitions below, if you wish to code your own the description is here.The DBF file has to have the column “location” that indicates the location of the data file (either absolute path or relative to the map file location, and the second column that can be called whatever you want but indexes time.For this example the well known Geo Tiff format will be used to demonstrate what to specify in a Map File for SPOT data.Firstly GDAL doesn’t support all versions of net CDF (there are a lot, it is a generic format), so for stability it may be necessary to convert the files into Geo Tiff format first.


In our case we called it “time” :-) The corresponding shapefile then has to contain Polygons with the bounding boxes of the tif file for each time. To do a coordinate reprojection specify in the request &Response_CRS=ESPG:xxxx When you start doing temporal subsetting with WCS and Map Server you can see the need for an automatic way of generating map files such as using an XSL stylesheet!