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One of the other elements of the vehicle that we're flying right now is we do use densified liquid oxygen and densified RP, so it's ultracold, and it allows you to pack more propellent into the vehicle.

It is done elsewhere, probably not to the degree that we do it, but it adds a lot of margin to the vehicle, which obviously adds reliability. I've been doing it for 16 years this year, actually.

Basically, you want the capsule to get out of Dodge.

You want it to get away from the rocket that had a bad day right below it. We also will be doing another demonstration later this year on if we have an issue with the rocket during flight.

And the other thing I realized, and it made my job satisfaction substantially harder.

So I always felt like my job was to take these ideas and kind of turn them into company goals, make them achievable, and kind of roll the company over from this steep slope, get it comfortable.

I think it was helpful to my role of running sales for Elon. But I think the days leading up to our flying crew will probably be a little sleepless.

CA: And currently, a big focus of the company is, I guess, kind of a race with Boeing to be the first to provide the service to NASA of actually putting humans into orbit. But really, fundamentally, safety comes in the design of the system that you're going to fly people on, and so we've been working for years, actually, almost a decade, on this technology.

CA: Sixteen years ago, you became employee number seven at Space X, and then over the next years, you somehow built a multi-billion-dollar relationship with NASA, despite the fact that Space X's first three launches blew up. GS: So actually, selling rockets is all about relationships and making a connection with these customers.

I asked my mom, who was an artist, when I was in third grade, how a car worked, so she had no idea so she gave me a book, and I read it, and sure enough, my first job out of my mechanical engineering degree was with Chrysler Motors in the automotive industry.

But I actually got into engineering not because of that book but because my mom took me to a Society of Women Engineers event, and I fell in love with the mechanical engineer that spoke.

GS: Yeah, so the launch escape system for Dragon is pretty unique. It's basically a pusher, so the propellant system and the thrusters are integrated into the capsule, and so if it detects a rocket problem, it pushes the capsule away.

Capsule safety systems in the past have been like tractor pullers, and the reason we didn't want to do that is that puller needs to come off before you can safely reenter that capsule, so we wanted to eliminate, in design, that possibility of failure.

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When you don't have a rocket to sell, what's really important is selling your team, selling the business savvy of your CEO — that's not really hard to sell these days — and basically, making sure that any technical issue that they have or any concern, you can address right away.