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Facebook of dating

When you’re at a bar, you don’t wait for the other person to ‘match’ you, you just come up and say hi.

Whether the person wants to continue the conversation or decide that he or she is not interested is up to them,” stated Charmaine Hung, product manager for Facebook Dating.

Which is to say places where you don’t want to play fast and loose with personal data.

That said, we’ve got to give Facebook some benefit of the doubt here.

“We use their first name and location to avoid catfishing.

Turns out the Last Chance Dance survey wasn’t automated. But don’t make it any easier for Facebook to figure that out. Especially since it often feels there’s just no way to know for certain who could end up with that information. — has a fun trove of data on the sexual preferences of many of my classmates … The chat window can be found within the Dating interface, which is separate from Facebook Messenger.“The Dating chat is for text only, it is configured to allow people to start a conversation and reach a certain level of trust before moving on to other communication alternatives.

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The feature was in internal beta testing within several months.