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Or worse, they may end up getting passive-aggressive to the point that a breakup ensues.On a similar note, ENFPs can't stand criticism—regardless of who is giving it.If you have a partner who has an ENFP personality type or are an ENFP person in a relationship, congrats. Since ENFPs are known for being unusually empathic, caring, and nurturing individuals, those who manage to find themselves in an ENFP relationship are very lucky.In a healthy relationship, this often means that you can expect a lot of affection and attentiveness given to both sides.They are not going to be able to focus on things like scheduling oil changes on their cars, or worrying about all the little minutiae of life. An excited ENFP is a breath of fresh air, and that's why ENFP relationships can often be very thrilling.

ENFPs will be much more likely to ignore their own needs and let thing simmer until they snap.

So, you may need to nudge them to talk when they feel like something is not up to par.

ENFPs are notorious for keeping their heads in the clouds, and having an unorthodox outlook on life.

They love public displays of affection precisely because of their warm, nurturing personality.

If anything, they can be too loving—and often get accused of being clingy as a result of their need to be affectionate.

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Lord knows that one of the easiest ways to make an ENFP unhappy (outside of criticism and conflict) is keeping them from partying.

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