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The story is told with acted scenes and first-person accounts from the teen boy, Matt, his girlfriend, Megan, and Megan's best friend, Ana.

Matt acknowledges that his last relationship ended because his girlfriend thought he was too controlling, but he doesn't recognize that he is repeating the pattern by trying to control Megan and monopolize her time.

When it comes to the Titans, it seems as though they never get a chance to relax.

With Deathstroke monitoring their every move, chances are that they may never receive a moment of peace.

Under the tutelage of an experienced singer, Violet finds her confidence and voice as a teenage musician.

—Hope Marie Cook, Curriculum Center Librarian, Eastern Connecticut State University Educational Media Reviews Online (EMRO) This program dramatizes one vignette featuring a pair of dating teens whose relationship has become abusive.

Ana doesn't think that Matt is treating Megan well, and misses the time that she and Megan used to spend together.

Verbal abuse is also an element in Matt's control over Megan.

Your students will relate to Megan, Matt and their peers as they bring the causes and consequences of teen dating abuse to life.

Video, plus teacher’s resource book, student handouts and pre/post tests in digital format Each video educates students on how to prevent unhealthy interactions with others by understanding the issues at hand, along with having the power and skills to set boundaries and “just say no.” Video reenactments of teenagers coping with different sensitive situations add to the eye-opening explanations of topics concerning gender stereotypes, media safety, teen violence, sexual harassment, and peer pressure.

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