Duncan james jason gardiner dating

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Duncan james jason gardiner dating

Against this less-than-glitzy background, even the show’s titular star, Priscilla, the iconic bus that transports transsexual Bernadette and “gender illusionists” Tick (Mitzi) and Adam (Felicia) on a quest to find acceptance, begins to look like a jalopy in dire need of servicing.Fortunately, the costumes are still as cartoonishly funny as they were in the original London production, while the cast and ensemble never put a high-heeled foot wrong.After the success of the first few episodes of the revived series, an eleventh series was confirmed.

The Edinburgh military tattoo…What the fuckitty fuck fuck fuckitty fucking fuck has happened to this once slightly watchable event on Albeeb?The star took his new beau out for a night on the town at swanky new eatery Gabeto and the couple sipped cocktails and rubbed shoulders with stars including Lotan Carter, Sam Calahan and Jo Wood.Duncan, 39, looked happy and relaxed as he partied with his other half and a host of celeb pals at the event – and even happily pulled poses with his other half and a pal as they joked around before entering the bar.His days as the glamour boy of Blue rapidly fading into the distance, Duncan James has already transitioned from arena concerts to musical theatre via Chicago and Legally Blonde and here manages to make gay transvestite dad Tick a surprisingly rounded camp character, plucking heartstrings when he finally gives fatherhood a shot and bonds with his son.Adam Bailey, too, finds redeeming features in vicious little sissy Felicia, while Simon Green’s ex-show queen Bernadette is a never just a fella in a frock.

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