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It has a display of over 1500 dolls from over 100 nations.The dolls have been brought from different countries and bear the flags of their respective nation.Watson Museum depicts the history of India and the colonial history of Rajkot.Precious items from both the periods are on display.This theme based museum has dolls of different countries in different showcases along a write up about the tradition and culture of that place on the side.The museum also encourages activities like doll making, sculpting, etc.It is popular amongst the people because of the variety of birds that can be easily spotted here. The mainly spotted birds are the pelican, rosy pastor, spoon bill, pheasant tailed jacon and the purple moor hen. Rajkot has its own charm and is a city that dwells both the past and present well.

Another major attraction for the tourists and the locals is this beautiful Nyari Dam built on the Nyari River. It is also a window to the nature in the busy city.

One of the largest cities in Gujarat, Rajkot is situated on the periphery of Aji and Nyari rivers.

Built by the Thakur Saheb Vibhaji Ajoji Jadeja from the lineage of Jadeja clan in 17th century AD, the city has been a seat for the Jadeja rulers.

The garden is an amusement park and has rides for both children and adults.

Also small shops and food stalls make the place bustling with people always.

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There is a ‘Chaitya’ and a Stupa on the entrance of the central cave.

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