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The weather can often be a dull topic of conversation, or sometimes it can become the hard news story of the day.

When you match with someone, as you get ready to type your first character, above the message field it will say, “Need a good opener? A few suggestions include: Flattery gets results, so if you comment on her adorable smile, it’s guaranteed to make her swoon.

No one wants to feel like they’re being spammed with a copy-and-paste message — no matter how witty it can be.

If you’re looking for a two-way conversation that will lead to a date, I recommend you always ask a question.

Most likely, they’ll reply saying they’re curious as well and will strike up a chat.

Some people will take it further and respond with reasons why the algorithm is correct, so don’t be surprised if someone says: “That must be because we were both fans of ‘Game of Thrones.’ Did you watch the show’s finale?

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Best Overall | Funny | For Women | For Men | FAQs Saying “hey, wsup” won’t get you very far, but this lazy approach seems to be rampant online.

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  1. When Bella and Jessica are talking about Edward Bella admits… Twilight * Bella and Edward meet * they start dating * Bella plays baseball w/ Edward's family and then unexpected visitors come.... * James gets killed by Jasper and Emmett * Edward sucks the venom out of Bella when she's bittin by James * Edward takes Bella to prom Theses are the main subjects of Twilight hope it helps! Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart who play Jacob and Bella, aren't dating either.