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Where once parents must have had such feelings towards their newborn daughters in Yemen, the feeling soon fades as their own personal gains take over their hearts.

While girls all over the world skip joyfully through a happy childhood, that is not in store for a Yemeni child bride.

To think that incidents like that happen every once in a while would be a mistake. The problem is how well things like that have been hidden up till now.

What is horrifying is the family of the girls choose not to come forward because they’re equally to blame for the torturous death suffered by the girl at the hands of men that should have never looked at them with dark thoughts in their minds, the girl that should have been playing with dolls..

In 2009, the lone ban that had been put into place to stop child marriages under the age of 17 was blatantly referred to as “un-Islamic” and sent back for review until further notice.

The girls of Yemen have done all they can do but there is only so much a child can do.

When you hear the news in the waiting room of the hospital “it’s a girl”, your heart fills with joy but also the fear of what lays ahead. You get a new perspective on girls all over the world.

These stories would not have surfaced if someone had not died.This child was married to a man that was 5 times her age and too cruel to withhold himself until the girl was old enough to understand what was actually happening to her.The intercourse itself on the first night ruptured the uterine of the girl and left her bleeding profusely.Despite having taken her to the medic, she could not be saved and was pronounced dead.Both the husband of the girl as well as the father of Rawan denied ever having married her to a man or her death to the authorities in order to not have to suffer through any repercussions of their actions.

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Above everything, the pressure that they receive from their parents prevail.