Cory booker dating veronica webb

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Cory booker dating veronica webb

Just talked 2 him and I'll get 2 his Driveway by noon.” Cory Booker served as the inspiration for the hunky but emotionally distant rancher, "Cory Booker," in the erotic fiction "Cory's Salvation." There is no indication that Shara Azod's steamy potboiler was based on the Newark mayor.But we wouldn't be surprised if some Cory Booker fanfic is floating around, somewhere. Then he helped pursue the miscreant with guards who took him down.Yes he does, but the assault weapons are only ones that his cops seized.Cory Booker loves animals so much he keeps a strictly vegetarian diet. Someone once told Booker he should try being a vegetarian.Really, is anybody surprised that Booker dove into a flaming home, against the advice of his security team, and suffered burns to his hand while pulling a woman out of her bed?It just seems to fit the whole mythology of Cory Booker, Super-Mayor.Even when Booker isn't personally doing the rescuing, he still manages to fight crime in the city – in March 2010, Newark went homicide-free for the first time in 40 years. This March, Newark saw its first murder-free month since 1966. (OK, that's false, too.) Cory Booker once chased down a robber who was armed with scissors. Reports have it that he was shouting, “Not in our city anymore! ” Cory Booker saved a man from jumping off of a building.

As he reassured one concerned family member: “Don't worry bout ur dad.

So Newark Mayor Cory Booker saved a woman from a burning house last night.

That means he can now add "firefighter" to his résumé, right below police officer, football player, councilman, Rhodes scholar, suicide preventer, snow shoveler, poet , mediator, salsa dancer, and "America's sexiest mayor." And some other stuff, too.

Forget the sex — just having someone spend the night is a great thing." Cory Booker invented Instagram. The mayor was by all means an early adopter of the image-sharing and filtering app-based social network, but if he'd actually invented the thing, he'd be so rich now that he'd surely have already launched a self-funded campaign for governor of New Jersey.

Cory Booker likes to flash his Tec-9s and AK-47s on Facebook.

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Bianca Levin is according to some sources the girlfriend of Corey Booker, The Junior United Stated Senator, who succeeded former Sen.

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