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Consolidating print servers

The staging database to create for processing the JSON file.If the database you specify already exists and you set this parameter to one, then objects don't get created.Saving the Power Shell modules into the Power Shell modules directory enables you to call the modules without the need to explicitly load them before use.To load the modules, perform the following steps: If this database isn't on the tools computer, ensure that the tools computer has network connectivity to this SQL Server instance.

This setup is very labor intensive and subjects us to registration key issues if the computers crash.

While it's not mandatory, to get the most value from the reports, it's recommended that you set the database owners in the dim DBOwner dimension, and then update DBOwner Key in the Fact Assessment table.

Following this process will allow slicing and filtering the Power BI report based on specific database owners.

In an equipment rack filled with servers, a special cooling system is necessary to prevent excessive heat buildup that would otherwise occur when many power-dissipating components are confined in a small space.

The following step-by-step instructions help you use the Data Migration Assistant to perform a successful scaled assessment for upgrading on-premises SQL Server or SQL Server running on Azure VMs, or for migrating to Azure SQL Database.

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The parameters associated with the dma Data Collector function are described in the following table.

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