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Consolidated versus consolidating financial statements

For example, in the construction industry, it is common to form separate legal entities to hold real estate and/or construction equipment that is leased to the operating company and at times to third-parties.

Often times an individual (or group of individuals) controls each entity, but there is no parent company that holds an interest in the real estate and/or equipment entity.

inter-company rentals are eliminated in either presentation method.

This is misleading as it suggests that there is a third-party that hold interest in the real estate entity and equipment entity (i.e.

In these situations, accounting standards are clear that a combined financial statement presentation is likely more meaningful and therefore preferred over a consolidated presentation (ASC 810-55-1b).

Nonetheless, we still see practitioners evaluating the real estate and equipment entities as VIEs and consolidating them into the operating company.

Under both combined and consolidated financial statements, the accountant must eliminate intercompany transactions.

Intercompany transactions are those occurring between the parent and the subsidiary or the companies in the group.

In short, the new standard requires that these types of entities be consolidated into the financial statements of the entity that benefits the most from their operating income and who holds the risk to absorb any operating losses and liabilities (i.e. It sounds easy enough, but as practitioners can attest, the standards are extensive and a bit confusing, which continues to result in ‘diversity in practice'.This account is also known as a minority interest account.This account keeps track of an interest in the subsidiary that the parent does not control.When a company has ownership in one or more companies, an accountant may have to either consolidate their financial statements or combine them.Consolidation occurs when a parent company owns more than 50 percent of a subsidiary.

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Again, these entities are controlled by an individual (or group of individuals) and not by a parent company.