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amna Devi got her first cellphone about a year ago.

It's one of those with a tiny screen and a numbered keypad, the kind that are becoming increasingly rare in the age of Android and the i Phone.

"We are committed to connecting everyone and everything, everywhere." For Gorakh Dan, Jio has opened up a whole new world.

The 26-year-old works as a stone supplier in the city of Jaisalmer, about 40 miles from Devi's village.

Some of the younger villagers did have smartphones, the ones who traveled to work as day laborers in Jaisalmer on the one bus a day to the city.

We set up our camera to interview Sawal Singh, a man who said he was 35 but looked closer to 50.With Amrit translating from Marwadi — the local language — and encouraging our nervous interviewee, we asked him if he knew what the internet was. When I asked if he had a cellphone, he held up a device smaller than his palm with a numbered keypad.He then got a bit more animated as he explained that there was a big "tower problem" in the area.India has more unconnected people than any other country, and other features that make it the biggest opportunity in global tech today.China’s internet is largely closed off and Brazil has less than a fifth of India’s population.

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Devi's village in India's Rajasthan state is almost completely off the grid.

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