Christian dating in bristol excel dating system

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Christian dating in bristol

We gather at various times to hear from the Bible, use or skills and gifts to serve the people around us, and to dive deeper in friendship with one another.

We seek to support adult Christian singles by providing opportunities for biblical teaching, connecting with one another, discovering opportunities to serve others, and receiving God’s love, forgiveness, and hope.

We can be found in any of the following parts of Bristol: You can find the exact bars you’ll be going to that evening in your event schedule.

In addition to the bars and when you should be at each one, you’ll also find the name of your team partner for the evening (if you’ve signed up alone).

I recently matched with someone bang on 1am when the swipe limit resets and new profiles are ‘released’ - I’d be amazed if she was also up at the same exact time, liking me at the same exact time - I’d imagine she had initially liked me some days, maybe weeks before I saw her.

I know the developers reply to reviews on here, so I’d love them to explain how the matching system works, because to me it seems very flawed.

We’ll send out the event schedules 1-2 days before the event.

The following is a general timeline for the three bars.

Best regards Paul The developers have implemented a swipe limit, which I think is a good idea - they shouldn't compromise on this. With a swipe limit, it can only ever work if you’re being seen by the people you’re seeing.

When we embrace God’s unconditional love for us and live-out of his design for life, our homes, churches, and neighborhoods are transformed. So we look to create opportunities to learn from the Bible, build authentic relationships, pray and worship together.

The men of Cross Way gather together to honor God, serve one another, and influence the world around us in Jesus’ name.

You’ll be in each bar for 1.5 hrs and the meet-up at the end of the evening is open-end.

Your event schedule will show when you should be at which bar. For that price you’ll have loads of fun and meet at least 12 new people.

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We are spread out across different parts of Bristol.