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Decision (PDF, 133.24 KB) Convicted of indictable offences unrelated to teaching duties.The majority of the Panel Members concluded that the teacher recognised the gravity of the situation, is remorseful and unlikely to reoffend.The teacher lacked awareness of the harm caused to the students – teacher in a leadership position.Decision (PDF, 92.67 KB)Teacher failed to engage with students over a long period.The majority of the Panel Members concluded the teacher was presently fit to teach.Decision (PDF, 72.57 KB) Teacher convicted of indictable offences – a domestic matter unrelated to teaching duties.

Educators have a unique responsibility, as the relationship between student and teacher differs from other professional/client relationships (e.g., attorneys, physicians, clergy).

Conviction in County Court of an indictable offence involving criminal conduct of a kind which raises serious questions about relationships the teacher might have with children in his care – isolated incident – little remorse or insight shown.

No determination (teacher not registered at date of finding).

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Decision PDF, 228.38 KBTeacher violated the professional relationship with a student, through communications on the social media applications Facebook and Snap Chat. Decision PDF, 158.09 KBUnprofessional relationship with a female student – historic matter - serious misconduct – teacher had been suspended for six months at the time of the Panel’s decision – passage of time –remorse – panel concluded that the teacher is currently fit to teach. The Panel concluded that the offences raise serious questions about the teacher's character, reputation and conduct.

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