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Black Berry Messenger (better known as BBM) was one of the first instant messaging (IM) platforms that arrived on mobile devices in 2005.

People could choose to use a BBM account tied to their unique Black Berry Pin rather than send a standard text message. BBM looked like an early version of Facebook’s Whats App.

It became a defining characteristic on Black Berry devices and forever changed how business and casual conversations were held by phone users.

Today, after years of dwindling usage and financial woes from Black Berry developer RIM, Black Berry Messenger is going away for good.

I only just turned them back on through i Message recently as an experiment.

The only difference between my anxiety now and then is not having to deal with an angry, blinking red light at the top of my phone. For all that made BBM sometimes frustrating to use, it gave me something I miss today: a private community.

Early messages on the Read receipts were introduced alongside BBM in 2005.

When a message was sent, a tiny letter “D” would appear beside it.

Multiple Reddit posts asking how to deal with “read receipt anxiety” started appearing.The app was first released in 2005, when the only other option we had for mobile messaging was SMS.It was a way to instantly message other Black Berry owners without eating into your monthly SMS allotment.Its technology also played an influential role in the development of modern chat apps when it introduced read receipts in 2005, paving the way for the love-it-or-hate-it feature that appears in almost every single messenger app today.(Here's how to turn them off in i Message.) The technology of yesterday influences the technology of today, and even the apps we use now will one day be sunset for the next generation of products.

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My friends and I texted every single day and night. Some people got new devices from their parents as birthday gifts, others used old recycled phones.

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