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“If you get into deep conversation on the first date, that’s not too soon.

There really isn’t a ‘too soon’, but there could be a ‘too late’.

Eighteen months into our relationship, living together with a ridiculous small dog, he is so good to me when I’m unwell that my therapist thinks I make him up.

We survived a pretty gnarly depressive episode of mine together, during which he just held me, kept me company, fed me fresh dinners and tolerated my state of unshowered, pyjama-clad mess.

A bit of patience, luck and cheap vodka in a plastic cup later, I met a young man who would love me more than I’ve ever been loved.

He knew from the first time we met that I had bipolar disorder – it was the very first conversation we had.

It's not unusual for someone unmedicated with this disorder to be up for two or three days straight, because their mind and body simply won't let them sleep.

How do these symptoms affect the loved ones of these people? Parents, siblings, friends, and co-workers see these individuals pass between depression and mania, and they see what a toll it takes on them.

The situation is more difficult when loved ones aren't aware of what the problem is. If the loved ones don't understand how the disorder works, they can get caught in a cycle of trying to figure out why the person changes so much.She wonders if there is ever a right time to tell someone you live with a mental illness because it can change the dynamic of your relationship. When do you tell someone and how do you cope if they don’t react well?I asked psychologist Abigael San for some advice.“It really depends on the vibe,” she says.It will feel more shareable if you have no shame about it.”Dating while bipolar is best done without shame and with the knowledge that you deserve to be loved.Bipolar disorder is one of the most severe mental disorders a person can have.

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It is possible to find and maintain love when you live with a mental illness, please know that. Falling in love, sleeping with someone or dating is learning to trust someone and if you’re going to let them into your life, you will at some point have to tell them about your condition.

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