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I can’t forget to mention that for such a small country, Belgium is a pretty progressive one with equally progressive people.What’s more attractive than being with someone who’s open-minded, a critical thinker and always ready for a good debate?(Dey be mad good, brah.) You want to blow her away with your bad boy charm. The cocky French opener: Translation: “Hi my little thug! You get 7 examples 2 follow-up lines here: Yes, give me the free opener!I’m a tourist invading your country.” (It’s obviously more funny in French than in English.) What is special about this opener? I want to talk about love and transnational relationships. Well, I’ve been with a Belgian for seven years, married for three.

Belgian partners understand the goings-on around the world, can talk about almost anything, and to top it off, usually speak multiple languages.

In this same vein, it might be this same sense of family that drives Belgians to buy houses at a relatively young age, to find a partner and strive for a settled, happy life themselves.

Belgians, on average, are highly educated and well-versed on a range of interesting subjects.

My husband didn’t have many single friends and upon closer inspection, I found out that most of his friends had been in relationships for several years, even up to a decade.

That seems to be the case for so many twenty-somethings I met here.

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Our relationship was sparked by chance, but don’t be fooled, understanding each other and ironing out cultural kinks took some work. These are seven characteristics about Belgian – especially Flemish men – that make them good partners, maybe even the best in Europe.

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