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Additionally, each new thread added to the thread pool has overhead (such as 1 MB of stack memory).A web application using synchronous methods to service high latency calls where the thread pool grows to the .An asynchronous request takes the same amount of time to process as a synchronous request.If a request makes a web service call that requires two seconds to complete, the request takes two seconds whether it's performed synchronously or asynchronously.If the request is processed synchronously, the thread that processes the request is busy while the request is being processed, and that thread cannot service another request.This might not be a problem, because the thread pool can be made large enough to accommodate many busy threads.I simplified Bijan's answer to help me think through the problem using the nice formatting provided by Stack Overflow.By carefully reading and editing Bijan's post I finally understood: How to wait for async method to complete?

I can't include everything I've tried, but this is what I have at the moment.This tutorial will teach you the basics of building an asynchronous ASP. NET Framework 4 introduced an asynchronous programming concept referred to as a Task and ASP. Tasks are represented by the Task type and related types in the System. The async keyword represents a hint that you can use to mark methods as task-based asynchronous methods.NET MVC Web application using Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web, which is a free version of Microsoft Visual Studio. A complete sample is provided for this tutorial on github And MSFT/Async-ASP. The combination of await, async, and the Task object makes it much easier for you to write asynchronous code in . The new model for asynchronous methods is called the (TAP).This section lists guidelines for when to use synchronous or asynchronous action methods.These are just guidelines; examine each application individually to determine whether asynchronous methods help with performance.

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For example, when you make an asynchronous web service request, ASP.

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