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First I just need to get the code from the repo by using the o Auth connector from Git Hub.

Next, it was pretty easy to add each of the steps for building the app in every save point.

Here the first phase builds the code in the folder, which is the completed workshop, and produces two artifacts; (Web API app) and (Razor Pages app) Multiple "phases" are built and when the build is initiated, either manually or via trigger (PR or merge), they will can in parallel, sequentially or both depending on the build agent availability and/or dependencies between phases.

NET Core Workshop the team uses for 1 and 2-day sessions at various conferences to . However, as a part of that, we wanted to make sure that any future changes were checked and didn't just work on my machine.

The workshop has a lot in it, each with their own restore/save points and for a bonus, there is an Angular SPA Services options as well as Docker option too.

However, I'm using a "Visual Studio Build" task which is using MSDeploy and these MSBuild arguments.

Later on in the process I'm taking this package/artifact - now named "" and I'm publishing it to Azure App Service.

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Clicking on any of the individual steps within the phase shows detailed logs of what occurred.