Android ics gmail widget not updating negative effects of interracial dating

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Android ics gmail widget not updating

The wiki How Tech Team also followed the article's instructions and validated that they work.This wiki How teaches you how to sync other calendars to the Outlook app on an Android phone or tablet. $/;function Si(a) ;function Ti(a) function Ui(a) function Yi(a) r.uc=function();window.sc_init Selects=function();function $i(a) ;function aj(a) C(aj,$i);aj.prototype. a.ka&&"undefined"==typeof XMLHttp Request&&"undefined"! La=function();function oj(a) ;function pj() pj.prototype.ha=null;var qj;function rj() C(rj,pj);rj.prototype.o=function();rj.prototype.w=ea(8);function sj(a){if(! If you have problems with the sync between Calen Goo and Google Calendar, you should first check how you are syncing with Google Calendar: Just tap “Settings”, “Accounts” in Calen Goo.If there is only an “Android” account, you are syncing via Android: But if there are also additional accounts, it depends on which accounts are checked: If you are syncing via Android (“Android” is checked), it means that the sync is performed by Android, not by Calen Goo. Nevertheless it is usually easy to fix, please see here: Android sync problems But if you are syncing directly (“Android” is unchecked), then please see “Direct sync problems” below: Normally Calen Goo uploads changes immediately after you entered them.Is the new message arriving in a custom folder or in the standard inbox? How long did you wait after seeing the notification? The widget however does not show any new items and was not refreshed since .

Vd=function();function cj(a) C(cj, E);cj.prototype.kd=ea(1);cj.prototype. Oc=function(a);function dj(a) C(dj, E);var ej=[1];function fj(a) C(fj, E);fj.Style=function();function gj(a) C(gj, E);r=gj.prototype;r. If you have entered events in Calen Goo, but they don’t appear in Google Calendar, please ensure that you saved them into the correct calendar: On some devices, e.g.HTC devices there are additional calendars (like “My calendar”, “PC Sync”, “Exchange” or “Facebook”) that are not synced with Google Calendar and may have been chosen as the default calendar because they are at the top of the calendar list: Just choose the correct calendar for new events under “Settings”, “Display and Use”, “Edit view”, “Default Calendar” or set the calendar individually when entering an event. It may be necessary to click the “Refresh” link in Google Calendar to see your changes.After a few minutes all data should be downloaded and be displayed by Calen Goo.Afterward check if the correct calendars are set to “visible” under “Settings Visibility/Download”.

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