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He accused protesters of using individual officers' personal information to apply for bank loans, in addition to the harassment of officers' spouses and children. To began his acting career in TV soap operas and moved to the big screen in 2000.Now, more than two months into the worst unrest this city has seen in decades, senior police officers invited a group of journalists to the towering police headquarters in Hong Kong's Wan Chai district.In the first face-to-face background briefing of its kind with reporters, commanders spoke at length, provided they not be named.

They also said the Hong Kong police have never even prepared for a scenario that would include the deployment of People's Armed Police in this city.

During Hong Kong's umbrella movement, he was involved in online arguments with some mainland netizens.

The production companies apologized and regretted casting To.

"Hong Kong people are in a very dangerous moment, some things in front of you may look crazy but we have no choice," Max, a 35-year-old protester, told CNN at the airport.

"It's just like war, we're fighting for our future."Among five demands repeated for more than a month by protesters are calls for an independent inquiry into allegations of police brutality, removal of the legal term "riot" from the unrest, and the release of all detained demonstrators.

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The senior police officers also said they have seen no evidence that foreign governments financed or inspired the protest movement.