10 types of women to avoid dating

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10 types of women to avoid dating

However, there are certain women you should always steer clear of.Being single and searching through the never-ending sea of women to find that one true love can be fun, but there are times to pursue a relationship and times to fold your cards and await the next hand. So save yourself the time and effort that goes into a relationship destined for failure, and spend time instead looking for the right girl in the right places.Even though, men like beautiful women, if they don’t find the lady capable of intellectual conversations, they throw her over.The Child is a type of women who refuse to grow up.

The Bimbo This type of woman can’t obtain a basic grade but has managed to secure a Ph D in the science of the bedroom.

This is an intellectually challenged woman who looks great but, in all honesty, shouldn’t open her mouth.

Her skills are unquestionably only rooted in the physical realm and unless you’re just after one-night stands, you do not want to bring a stupid girl home to meet Mom and Dad.5.

Super-strong woman creates a feeling of inferiority in her man.

For men, their strength and their ego lies in being the savior for their woman, not the opposite.

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